CISA Activities on “Youth Participation in Democratic Election” Project

Our mission is to work together to fight, prevent and eliminate all forms of corruption in Cambodia through capacity building, education, communication, and advocacy to bring about effective law enforcement.

Activities implementation by CISA

Election procedures

Election procedure is the primary knowledge to all electoral involvement factors. CISA will provide election procedure to all youth key persons in the target communes/Sangkats of the youth participation in democratic election.

The important of youth in election observation

Youth is a part of future solution. Youth is a clean age and always want to see social justice, anti-corruption, against any cheating especially on the election processes. Through the past parliamentarian election 2013 the majority of protesters were youth. They demanded for fair election result. Youth are capable and potential participate in different ways for social positive changes. CISA will provide them how to be neutral (independent) observers, why elections need all of youth involve in all processes as observers for instant.

Code of Ethics

The neutral or independent observers must to be aware on their own principle, and to be active involve in the election processes by avoiding accuse from any political party. CISA will provide them with a code of ethics based on election procedure, election regulation and election laws.

Voter registration

CISA will capacity youth on the biometric voter registration via new electoral regulation, and laws.

Voter registration, and Commune election monitoring form

Monitoring methods and monitoring form: this is the important stage of elections observation. CISA provide them with some methods of independent observers and how to complete the report forms (emergency report and normal report form) on voter registration and election day.

Deploy youth to polling stations

Parliamentarian Election Training

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