CISA did a lot activities for Cambodia people in 2013-2014

Annual results for 2013-2014 showed how much people interesting in learning and fighting together against corruption! Check it out!

1. Trainings:

“Transparency, social accountability, anti-corruption and complaint mechanism” 13 trainings. Total 274 participants, female 152

2. Community forums:

5 forums with 266 participants, female 124. Speakers were chief of communes, chief of police posts, head of health centers/ representatives, school principles or representative.

3. Anti-Corruption Day _ Dec. 9:

CISA and partner organizations organized in 3 provincial/towns.There were 650participants, f:304. Marching along the roads and speakers were deputy provincial governor, District governors, CISA-Chairman/deputy chairman or coordinator.

4. Network meetings:

22 youth network meetings. Each meeting with 7- 10 participants; Quarter 1: 44 youth network members, female: 21 Quarter 2: 60 youth network members, female: 33 Quarter 3: 40 youth network members, female: 21 Quarter4: 40 youth network members, female: 21

5. Network participate in Commune / Sangkat council meetings:

Total 24 meetings. Total: 72 youth participation. Once meeting 2-3 youth

6. Complaint Boxes/ Criticism of public services:

Got 7 complaints on dusty roads, farming water stream, ...

7. Quarterly Bulletin:

Total 4 volumes, each volume from 12-18 pages and sent to CISA-members and stakeholders.

8. Monitoring/Follow up:

Staff / Volunteers usually to field monitoring/follow up activities at grass-root level.

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